Frank Pfaff a public servant not a politician!

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I believe in the Virtue of Public Service!

Michigan needs public servants in office, not politicians! Please join me in my effort to bring public service back to Lansing. I believe in the value of serving others. I know that the citizens of Michigan are tired of the politicians in Lansing serving special interest groups and their own interest to try and win another election! From cowardice acts of voting for Medicaid expansion up to 258% of the poverty level; a voice-only vote on common core so they wouldn’t be held accountable; and the latest misdeed of introducing a tax on internet businesses so the state can take and waste more of the people of Michigan’s hard-earned income. These politicians don’t represent us!

Our founding fathers were public servants; they worked for the people of this great nation, and when they were finished with their service, they went back to their farms, families, and businesses. I view public service as a calling, and I will only serve the people of Michigan. I have served my country as a member of the United States Army, and continue to serve our veterans since 2009 at the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans. I have served my family as a faithful husband and father. I have and am blessed to serve as a teacher of God’s word to children for the last 12 years at my previous and current churches. I believe God prepares us for future battles, as it says in Ephesians 6-11, “Put on the full armor of God.” I am ready to take on the politicians and special interest groups in Lansing!

The citizens of Michigan deserve to be represented, not imposed upon. Together we have a great opportunity to return public service back to Lansing and all of Michigan’s citizens. So please pray, donate, volunteer, ask questions and vote in the Republican Primary on August 5, 2014 so that I can humbly represent the people of Michigan’s 73rd District as their next pubic servant.

I have been blessed with the mentoring of true public servant, Michigan House of Representative Tom Hooker of the 77th District. Tom Hooker has been very generous in bringing me to The Capitol  and introducing me to the day-to-day process of the Legislature.


For individuals wishing to donate by check, please mail your donation to:

Committee to Elect Frank Pfaff

PO Box 502
Comstock Park MI 49321