Frank Pfaff an Experienced Public Servant and Businessman!

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Went to all eight townships of the district today picking up signs. If we missed a sign I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

I wanted to thank all of the people in the 73rd district. I am so blessed to have met so many people who still believe that public service, which entails sacrifice, hard work, and morals, is important.  I just realized last night that I had knocked on doors through three different seasons. The weather was sure a challenge, but the good Lord carried me to and through the doors of so many righteous, generous, hard-working citizens of the 73rd district, and I am a better man for the experience.

All the candidates for the Michigan House Districts 73rd seat have filed their financial paperwork, and the peoples’ choice is clear! I have more grassroots donations than the other six candidates combined—650 individual grassroots donations of $20.00 or less, which is over 92% of all my donations. I’m not Lansing’s choice; the lobbyist money has gone to those who look at this position as what they can do for themselves and special interests, your typical politician. This is what is wrong with the electoral process. I know this responsibility involves service to the people of the 73rd district. The response has been overwhelming, and it proves that hard work of knocking on over 20,000 voters’ doors for 7 straight months is the best way to connect with people. Thanks to all the wonderful people of the 73rd district whom I have met and who are entrusting me with their generosity and votes.

I have knocked on the doors of over 22,000 voters of the 73rd district. I started knocking on doors on January 2 of this year with a plan to meet as many people in the district as I could.  I believe you can best serve people if you have a relationship with them. I have been knocking for 8-9 hours a day, 6 days a week, every week for the last five and a half months in the most severe weather in our state’s history, and I have met so many incredible people from all walks of life; it has truly been an honor.

One of my favorite stops was the home of a WWII veteran where I helped him fix his lawn mower. I had no idea when I stopped at his house that I would be honored by a member of our greatest generation, someone who truly knows the value of sacrifice. I would never have had the time if I would have been rushing through at the last minute as so many politicians do.

I know that politician season is June and July where they knock on a few hundred doors, then pay college students to give out flyers at the door. What they don’t understand is that you can’t serve people well after only meeting a handful, and then, when they get into office, since they have no relationships with the people of their district, they end up serving themselves and lobbyists. My experience in public service has taught me that serving is about doing the work and putting in the time to meet people’s needs; that’s where the real value lies.

I believe in the Virtue of Public Service!

I am running to be the next public servant for Michigan’s House of Representatives, 73rd District and will bring my experience as a public servant and businessman to Lansing. I have been involved in public service for four decades—from serving in the U.S Army, to volunteering currently at the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans, to serving in office—and a businessman since 1989.

In 2009, I began volunteering at The Kent County GOP. From 2010-12, I ran for the Comstock Park Public School Board, served as the Kent County campaign director for “Peter Konetchy for U.S Senate,” and elected as a precinct delegate and voting member at the State Convention that helped usher in our first Republican governor, attorney general, and secretary of state in almost 100 years. In the last presidential election cycle, I was a precinct delegate chair, organizing precinct delegates to knock on doors and to make phone calls for the Romney campaign. I practically lived at the Kent County GOP Victory Center from July to November and was known as “Frank, the phone guy.” We set new records in Michigan for phone calls made during a presidential election cycle.

As a businessman for the last 25 years, I have worked with people from all walks of life, finding solutions to meet their needs. I never asked my colleagues or clients what their party affiliations were; I was busy satisfying clients needs, strengthening profit margins, making payroll, selling products, and completing the multitude of other tasks involved in running a successful business.  I will work with everyone in the legislature, so that we can serve the people and grow Michigan’s economy.

I believe in smaller government, limiting regulations and taxes on businesses and citizens. This will allow the free market system to work and the people the freedom to pursue happiness.

I will work for a part-time legislature. First of all, a part-time legislature decreases regulation and creates a sense of urgency, which provides an atmosphere of cooperation. Secondly, the salary of the legislators would be lowered. Those who want to serve the public will stay; others who are there for the money, for prestige, and for themselves would leave.

The issues of Michigan’s economy, education and infrastructure could be more easily solved if there were more public servants in office. I will work tirelessly in upholding the Constitution and in earning the votes of the 73rd district and in humbly representing them as their next public servant.

For individuals wishing to donate by check, please mail your donation to:Committee to Elect Frank Pfaff

PO Box 502
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